Athlos – the card game


A game of comparison and critical thinking

Athlos [áθlos]- the Greek word for a very difficult task and a great achievement, attainment, feat.

Can you choose your God’s or Hero’s best characteristic and accomplish your own feats? Be careful though, if your opponent makes a better choice, he/she might be able to grab your favorite God or Hero and finally become the winner. Be the first that chooses the best characteristic, take all your opponents’ cards and become the Greek legend you always dreamed of being.

Athlos is a card game that tests your critical thinking and observation. The 28 made to last cards have lively minimalistic ancient Greek Gods and Heroes sketches which will make you have a real blast with friends and family.

Easy to set up, easy to play. All you need is a sharp eye and critical thinking, so  you can make the feat to become a real Greek legend!

  • Players 2 +
  • Age 3 +

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