Kidkraft Wilderness Point Swing Set


Get a taste of the great outdoors with this compact, but action-packed Wilderness Point Swing Set from KidKraft. Designed for smaller backyards, this wooden playset has tons of fun for a whole troop of kids. Hike up the ladder to reach the shaded deck where you can draw your own unique “pictographs” on the art wall. A nice fabric canopy provides shade during the day. Take a trip down the slide and pretend it’s a ride down a rushing river. Hop on a swing and soar through the air like a hang glider over the treetops. When you need a break from the adventure, rest at the attached table and bench set. Enjoy some trail snacks and map out your next journey. It’s always non-stop action in the Wilderness Point Swing Set.

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  • 6 potential play areas for up to 5 kids b
  • Wavy slide with high sides for added security
  • Two belt swings—one for you and one for a friend!
  • Side table and bench with awning is perfect for having a snack
  • Translucent wall art panel that kids can draw on; 2 chalk markers included
  • 39″-tall deck with curved canvas roof to keep it shaded and cooler
  • Made of longer-lasting wood materials for safety, durability and great aesthetics
  • EZ Kraft Assembly™ for less build time and more play time
  • Dimensions (cm) 316.31 x 274.5 x 222.71
  • Age Range 3-7 years