Lakeside Bungalow Playhouse


Every day in the backyard can be like a vacation with the Kid Kraft Lakeside Bungalow Playhouse. Relaxing vibes exude in the blue-hued roof, picket-fence yard and amenities for the pets. Grow flowers and memories in the planter boxes out front. Welcome feathered friends to the hanging birdhouse. Invite guests to ring the doorbell and come join in the fun. Inside, you’ll discover a sink, burner and utensils to serve a home-cooked meal on the curtained ledge. Chalkboards await art inspired by nature. Attention to details like the awning, doggy door and cedar wood construction add to the fun and quality. And, with a five-year warranty, there’ll be many excursions to the Lakeside Bungalow in the future. 

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  • Working Doorbell
  • Serving Counter with Curtain
  • Kitchen Sink & Cooking Burner
  • Full Door With Mailbox & Window
  • Bay Window & 4 Pane Vertical Windows
  • Dimensions (cm): 123.95 x 172.47 x 163.07
  • Age Range 3 – 10 years


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