Let’s Celebrate! Party Play Kitchen


Any day can be a celebration with the KidKraft Let’s Celebrate! Party Play Kitchen. This wooden kids play kitchen stands over 3 feet tall and features a revolving window backdrop to transform a lovely outdoor view into a festive party atmosphere, complete with a rainbow of balloons in various shapes. So, in the wink of an eye, kids can put on a surprise party for someone special—a parent, friend, pet or even a favorite stuffie. There’s even a decadent-looking chocolate cake with five colorful candles at the ready. Insert the candles into the top and make a wish! Serve it up on the plate. Wash up dishes in the sink with the faucet with real working lights and sounds. Check on the “popcorn” in the microwave and the “cupcakes” in the oven. Easy open-and-close doors let little chefs be hands-on with their cooking. An open shelf is the ideal storage area to keep extra play food and dishes for the festivities tomorrow. And, since this play kitchen for children is made of wood, the happy occasions can continue for many, many more times.

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  • Includes 8 accessories including a cake and 5 candles plus a knife and plate
  • Faucet lights up and makes water sounds for realistic yet magical play
  • Turn the knob and watch the background change from outdoor scene to party scene in an instant!
  • Click-and-turn knob for hands-on, fine motor skill development; notch in doors are easy for little hands to open
  • Made of premium, recyclable materials for long-lasting play with EZ Kraft Assembly™ for less build time and more play time
  • Product Dimensions (cm)  55.91 x 30.99 x 90.91