Slimy® Ever Foam


  • pecial features: Slimy Ever Foam – 1 litre ultimate sensory original Slimy cloud slime play mass that never dries out. Creative kneading and modelling fun for children of all ages from 3 years. A tactile experience for all senses with great colours and fun ‘crunch’ sounds when kneading!
  • Fun to play: with various large play balls in the crowd – squeezable – stretchy – malleable – ideal for modelling and designing! Extremely light despite large volume for carefree fun. Clean and stress-free – never dries out!
  • Swimming: also suitable for playing in the water. Play and kneading fun even in the pool or in the bath
  • Safe: Dermatologically tested. The original Slimy play masses meet the strictest quality and safety standards. To ensure maximum skin compatibility, original Slimy products are dermatologically tested by independent institutes. Boron-free, gluten-free and safe
  • Educational value. Touching, kneading and cutting the original Slimy play masses promote the development of sensory skills, motor skills, perception, imagination and creativity. Shape and flow let the play masses stimulate the imagination!
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