Slimy Fruity 80g


  • Slimy Fruity Smelly Collection – the most fruity original Slimy of all time. Original Slimy in 5 fragrant varieties and brilliant colourful colours. Naturally safe fun guaranteed
  • Pedagogical use: especially against the background of children’s ever earlier occupation with digital media, tactile toys and masses of play also have special pedagogical value. Sensory skills and motor skills are trained by probing, kneading and dividing. Through shapes and letting flow the fantasy is stimulated. In addition, perception, imagination and creativity are stimulated
  • Sustainable safety: product safety is particularly important to us. The original Slimy play masses are based on natural and very high-quality ingredients. They are manufactured using a unique new, patented preservation process without parabens or other aggressive preservatives and 100% gluten-free.
  • Tested quality: the original SLIMY playing masses are tested according to the strictest international quality and safety standards and even clearly exceed them!
  • Tested by German quality: the original Slimy playing masses meet the strictest international quality and safety standards! To ensure maximum skin compatibility, original Slimy products are dermatologically tested by independent institutes. After playing, store Slimy in its original packaging and close tightly so that it does not dry out.
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Purple, Green, Orange, Yellow, Pink