Slimy®Magic Potion Dreamy Cloud


  • The original Slimy Fun magical fun for brewing yourself in a magical kettle
  • Two different Magic Potions with a little magic book with spells Choose between the enchantment of happiness or strength and prepare your own magic slime with the magic wand in the magic kettle SLIMY
  • Of course, according to the Swiss formula! The original Slimy masses are made without parabens and other aggressive preservatives and 100% gluten-free. For the best quality, all essential raw materials come from Switzerland.
  • Dermatologically tested! Original Slimy play masses meet the highest quality and safety standards. To ensure maximum skin compatibility, the original Slimy products are dermatologically tested by independent institutes
  • Pedagogical value! Touch, knead and cut original Slimy play masses promote the development of sensory abilities, motor skills, perception, imagination and creativity. Shapes and flow of masses stimulate the imagination. After playing, keep Slimy in its original packaging and seal tightly to prevent it from drying.
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