Slimy Super Set of 8


Original Slimy Slime Set with 8 Different Play Masses, Maximum Fun for Children with 800 g Slime in Gift Set, Elastic Play Clay

  • The original: Slimy Super Set 8 for maximum fun. 
  • Large selection: Slimy collection with 8 different Slimy varieties as a great gift for all Slimy fans
  • Contains: 2 x 100g Original Slimy Cups – Green & Pink, 2 x 100g Metallic Slimy Cups – Blue & Purple, 1 x 100g Slimy Mega Stretchy Beaker – Orange, 1 x 100g Slimy Hybrid – Gold, 1 x 100g Slimy Power Light – Glow in the Dark, 1 x Cup Super Hydro Slimy – Blue With water beads
  • . The original Slimy play masses meet the strictest international quality and safety standards. Original Slimy products are dermatologically tested by independent institutes to ensure maximum skin compatibility.
  • Paediatric: Sensory skills and motor skills are developed by touching, kneading and chopping the play mass. Shape and flow of the play material stimulates the imagination. Promotes perception, imagination and creativity. Suitable for ages 3+ After playing, store slim in the original packaging and seal tightly so that it does not dry out.

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