Reborn Doll Pipo


Sweet Reborn Pipo with gray blanket, is like a real baby, with all the characteristics of a real baby: his rosy and soft skin, his little veins, the manicure… All done by hand, so that he is a baby like you. It has a soft fabric body so you can give it gentle hugs. Pipo with gray blanket is a Reborn who wears a nice set of gray pants and sweater with a soft bib. With his matching blanket you can lull him and hug him. His clothes are made with “Organic Cotton” fabrics, which means that no chemical products have been used in their cultivation and production process, only natural ones. Plus he’s wearing a diaper like a real baby. He can be placed in many positions like a real baby because its limbs rotate, it has movement, which makes it more realistic. He weighs 1470 grams. and measures 42 cm. And it is accompanied by its certificate of authenticity, with a unique numbering that guarantees its exclusivity as Muñecas Antonio Juan´s Reborn!


Pacifier, Hat, Bib, Sweater, Trousers, Diaper, Blanket


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